Thanks to the cooking master, Dolok, and his great team that provided us GREAT food at the party.
pictures coming soon...

here's a preview:


OK, that vegetables DOES shrink when it's cooked. O__o"





more pictures to come!!




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                  Worship Leader         Singers              Guitar/Bass       Power Point        Welcome

June 6         Cynthia                   Rosie, Yeddid         Martin              Chandera           Dolok

June 13        Erfan                    Francie, Yedid          Martin               Sarah                Jackly

June 20        Francie                 Cynthia, Erfan          Martin              Chandera           Dolok

June 27        Francie                    Rosie, Cynthia       Martin               Sarah               Chandera

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Dear brothers and sisters,

Our dear Rico is leaving and moving back to Indonesia.....
But God has given him a wonderful wonderful job and I am happy for him!

Anyways, we're going to have a farewell party for him this Sunday (25th) after church.
We're going to this restaurant that serves GREAT American hamburgers!!! So please do join us.
We'll leave right after Sunday afternoon service.

Rico, we'll miss you!


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Dear brothers and sisters,

Jenny was in an accident on Friday night. She was on her scooter and a  car hit her from behind. Please pray for healing, she won't be coming to church tomorrow cause she can hardly move now.


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                 Worship Leader         Singers              Guitar/Bass       Power Point        Welcome

April 11        Francie              Cynthia, Yeddid         Martin               Jenny                  Rico

April 18        Erfan                  Yeddid, Rosie           Martin               Sarah                 Dolok

April 25        Cynthia               Francie, Erfan          Martin              Chandera            LiePin


May 2           Francie               Rosie, Cynthia          Martin               Jenny                  Rico

May 9           Erfan                  Yeddid, Rosie           Martin               Sarah                 Cynthia

May 16         Cynthia               Erfan, Yeddid           Martin               Chandera            Dolok

May 23          Rosie                 Cynthia, Erfan          Martin               Jenny                 LiePin

May 30          Francie            Yeddid, Cynthia          Martin                Sarah              Chandera


Please let me know if you can't make any of the dates.
Francie will be back to US from May 3rd to about May 16th, but I'm sure you guys can manage well.
Actually I think cell group went even better without me being there! Good job, Rico!!

I learned a Ministry design method from Wilma this time, actually would like to try it with you all to see if we can find out a more effective way to reach all the international students at your universities.
This IS the end time and we need to be out there preaching gospel before it's too late!!!


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There was a baptism on Easter Sunday at the church. What a great time to get baptized and risen with Christ!!!
Please join me to welcome your new brothers and sisters.


my favorite kid from Taichung is here again... ^__^



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After Hua Lien, Francie went to Ping Dong and Taidong.
It was shocking to see the disaster area from the flood last August in both places.

like this house, and the road across the river...


it's like this even now.
the churches are facing great challenge when it comes to faith.
one pastor said: God gives and God takes away. It's all in His perfect will.
The joy and confident on his face brought tears in my eyes. (he lost his house in the flood also some family members)
I remember thinking to myself: I want that faith!!!

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Dear brothers and sisters,

You've missed a great teaching on Holy Spirit last night at the church. The meeting lasts for 3 days.
Hope to see you at the church at 7:30 tonight and tomorrow night.

Easter Sunday!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO thankful the we serve a living God. His grace is ALWAYS sufficient.
Sunday schedule: Baptism at 9AM. Service at 9:30AM.

Saturday afternoon there are kids program at the church. It'll be great if you can come and show some support.

Please keep praying that God will open doors for Pastor Sue to come back to Taiwan, pray for Jamie, so she can finish her paper and graduate.

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Francie has been in Hua-lien since Tuesday. And it's not Hua Lien city where the fun is, we spent our time in GuangFu, a small villiage about an hour away from Hua-Lien. The villiage litereally has only one street, with one 7-11 and some aboriginal tribes around it. praise God that this 7-11 has got a city cafe, which means I can have my coffee. They told me the city cafe's only been there for 1 month. ^__^ God is sooooooooo good!!!

We went to a youth cell group in Ma-Yuan tribe last night. I saw some young kids walk through a dark road where snakes come out in the evenings to get to the cell group. They sit on the dirty floor, but the joy of the Lord is on their faces and I was deeply touched. To think about us, we have a nice living room and nice sofa to sit on, air con in the summer and heat in the winter, but yet....

I'm praying that Sunday service goes well. Please let me know how it went...




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Dear brothers and sisters,

Please see the schedule and let me know asap if you can't make any of the dates.

  Worship leader Singers Power Point Welcome
March 7 Erfan Cynthia, Rosie Jenny Rico
March 14 Cynthia Jaclyn, Rosie Sarah Chandera
March 21 Rosie Cynthia, Erfan Chandera Dolok
March 28 Francie Erfan, Rosie Jenny Rico


Francie will be away most of the time in March. I'm helping One Hope doing community transformation project and will spend most of the time in Hua-lien with American team. I'm expecting you to be grown-ups and handle Sundays and cell groups on your own. Rico has the house key and will be responsible for cell groups when I'm not here. Worship leaders, please choose the songs on Wednesday night cell group time, get the music out, put them in folder and bring it to church. If you let me know the song list on Wednesday night(by text or e-mail) I should have enough time to get the music sheet ready for singers and also send power point files to Chandera. I should be extrememly busy for the first 2 weeks of March and will stay in Hua-lien. After that I should be able to come and go between Tainan and Hua-lien. I can always be reached through my cell 0925266275



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